Before guns are outlawed, domestic enemies within
our national government
must be identified
and exposed.

"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom."
~ John F. Kennedy

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time,
and your government when it deserves it." 
 ~ Mark Twain

"War is a Racket" is a short book written in 1935 exposing
the wrongful use of America's military for the profits of certain
powerful U.S. corporations. This serious problem continues.
From his own experience, the book's author knew what 
he was talking about. Major General Smedley Butler,
United States Marine Corps, was twice awarded
the Medal of Honor for heroism under fire.
After his retirement, he became an
outspoken critic of the profit
motive behind warfare.

Bush 43 and Cheney lied to us 
about the 9/11 attacks! Many qualified 
persons have exposed the official story as
 monumental fraud.

A real-thing, no-holds-barred
investigation is needed to establish hard,
actual facts in the public mind.
The Kean-Hamilton investigation was diabolical 
pretense fully intended to deceive
we Americans and the world community.
All government officials who 
consciously oppose and work against the
implementation of an honest investigation
must be tried by jury for high treason 
~ and executed when found guilty.


Hard facts brought forward by Patriots are 

To realize that government can be taken over by 
evil persons is not paranoid. We must be aware that 
human beings tend to not believe what they do not 
want to believe ~ and not permit this to prevent 
our accepting disturbing truths.

It is reported that about one percent of Americans 
are psychopaths. Such persons have no empathy, 
remorse or conscience. Many of them gravitate into
 governmental positions of public trust which they 
are not psychologically equipped to handle for 
the common good. By studying and emulating 
the conduct of normal persons, psychopaths 
often go undetected.

"Psychopathy and sociopathy are both anti-social 
personality disorders. While both these disorders 
are the result of an interaction between genetic 
predispositions and environmental factors, 
psychopathy leans towards the hereditary 
whereas sociopathy tends towards the 
environmental." (

Major General Albert Stubblebine, 
former commanding general of all Army 
Intelligence operations, is adamant 
that no large plane struck the Pentagon. 
Many other high-ranking military professionals 
~ including General Wesley Clark, 
Supreme Allied Commander Europe for NATO, 
1997 to 2000 ~ support the need for another 
investigation of 9/11, one that will be 
credible and comprehensive.


Reflect on these points: 
(1) The orchestrated "investigation" co-chaired by 
Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton was put off by 
George W. Bush for more than 400 days 
after 9/11/01.
(2) Philip Zelikow, a Bush loyalist, was
appointed to function as executive
director of the 9/11 Commission.

He drafted the Commission's
final report before the first
witness was interviewed.

"Our" government is not really ours! It's controlled
by a criminal elite of certain billionaires who 
are vested in war-profiteering corporations, 
by unscrupulous international bankers, 
and by greedy, Wall Street barons.

Bottom line:
Washington government 
can not be trusted because it is 
controlled by a criminal elite!
We must do whatever is required to keep our guns 
~ including assault rifles. This in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson's words:

"The strongest reason for people to retain 
the right to keep and bear arms is, as a 
last resort, to protect themselves 
against tyranny in government."

We need patriots in the military ~ especially officers ~ 
to stand with us by ignoring any illegal, treasonous 
orders to violate the Constitution and kill or take 
prisoner law-abiding Americans who own guns.

Guns gave birth to our Republic.
Guns are needed now to defend our Republic
against domestic enemies.

We must honor the many thousands of Americans 
who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country 
and what it stands for.

Gun homicides, such as the massacre of 
precious, young children in Newtown, Connecticut, 
are abominations against all that is sacred. 
At the same time, there are worse crimes 
because of their scale.

The false-flag attacks of 9/11
being a prime example.

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Before guns are outlawed, an aggressive, real-thing, no-holds-barred investigation of the 9/11/01 attacks must be conducted. No budgetary limitations. No time limitations. No priority higher than determining full knowledge of who did what on 9/11/01 for what reasons.

No persons asked to testify to be permitted to refuse. Perjury to be treated as treason, punishable by execution. 

The heinous character of persons now controlling government in the District of Columbia will be proved so that corrective measures may be taken and the Republic preserved.

Findings will justify the importance of the Second Amendment. 

The maintenance of our cherished liberties and noble ideals depends upon the right of every law-abiding and responsible American to keep and bear arms. It is unrealistic and irresponsible to believe otherwise.

Enabling legislation assumed, as required. This to include the outlawing of voting systems and equipment which are not open, transparent, and easy to monitor by concerned citizens. To be precise, voting machines must be replaced with hand-marked, eyeball-counted, paper ballots. These to be tabulated at precinct level before being transported anywhere for any reason. 

Vote tampering to be recognized as high treason, punishable by execution.

Super-rich persons must not be permitted to continue throwing elections in order to place their lackeys in Congress and the White House.

Further, campaign donations must be outlawed. A bought Congress can not and does not represent we, the people. Public funding of political campaigns will save trillions of tax dollars in the long run. Public funding of television time permitting political candidates to present their own "fireside chats" will create a level playing field.

Guns were necessary to stand against tyranny 
and found our country. Sad to say, guns are still 
needed to defend against tyranny.

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